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Admiration (general)

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7 years ago

Part of the day to day existence in life brings with it some idea of admiration. It might come from simple things; like admiring the sunshine; or the flowers in the garden - or perhaps someone's smile!
Admiration is something that can change the course of someone's mood; being admired for some achievement, and so forth.
I have a great many admirations about a great many things.... Some of the things in life I admire are as follows;

Music - the glorious melodies harmonies orchestrations; performances, those who perform, ''Greats'' of the past and present. Composers and their works.

Art - beautiful oil paintings those great portraits landscapes abstract and all forms of art are the magic of communication on different levels - the great art of use of vibrant colour depth contrast and reality of the world of art.
Those who bring these wonderful visions to us!

Film - incredible films that portray life in it's many dimensions - the majesty of the performer, the artists who control and bring to life the works of fine literary genius - the authors themselves..... the crew and staff who bring it all together so that the final presentation is perfection.

Theatre - the magic of theatre; and everything about it; the theatre itself; the stage and props; scenes, scripts, actors, producers, all the different ''hats' that are worn by those who are part of the overall production. The plays, and their authors; the magic of ''live'' performance; such as is like no other!

Yes there are many things to admire in life - and not to mention people. Admiring people for many different reasons goes with the flow of life too. I admire people for their courage, quality of the way they go about handling the different trials and tribulations in life - the grace with which they accept imperfections; and the honour of their strengths and purpose.

One of the single most important parts of admiration, must lay in the aspect of the ability of the individual to find something within themself to admire. Being able to admire one's one performances the many wins and the overcoming of burdens in life must be part of that existence. 
Finding a way to like and / or admire self is just as important. People tend to find what is WRONG with themselves all too readily.
The biggest task is finding something to like and admire about oneself!

With fond regards...


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